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Meaning, the devious teen thought, there's every chance that she doesn't have much experience. She wanted nothing more than to get out of the store and hide in her bedroom. Her legs remained planted in place, as if an outside force gripped her muscles and froze them. "Well, I think that's the lot of it," Selina announced as she piled her final addition atop the door.

In Melissa's experience, a futa without experience was perfect. "Thought so," Melissa continued, "I look forward to our time together, Jessica. "Thanks," Jess replied with as much vigour as she could muster.

Even so, she moved slowly and regarded herself with disinterest.

Excitement felt like a memory as terror clouded her mind. " Selina beamed as her daughter stepped out of the changing room. " Selina immediately lost her joyous expression in favour of worry.

She looked up to the door, where the new clothes were draped and half-covered the full body mirror. With the shock and worry flushed from her system, Jess studied her body anew. Her breasts sat proudly on her chest, pert despite the lack of support and capped with twin, dusty pink nipples. " Jess called and tried to ignore the flare in her cheeks. Her timing couldn't have been better, having snapped the photo just as Jess was changing pants.

The bulge in her panties, stretched around her monumental member no longer seemed outrageous. "You will, or I'll make sure everyone sees this." Jess physically shrank back against the furthest wall.

"I could get used to this," Jess noted and, with a moment's hesitation, struck a pose she had seen her parents do when they were models; one arm raised and hand behind her head, a leg raised to lift her bulge higher while her free hand slid down one thigh. The last thing she needed was people talking about her freak growth spurt, let alone the giant cock she had imprisoned in her underwear.

She could recall her flings in middle school, where a good chunk of the student body were still virgins, and how they always followed her like puppies afterward. I'll be waiting at the food court." Jess rested her head onto her arms and gulped back her tears. Luckily, her mother was preoccupied with the oceanic display of outfits.

The teen returned to trying the clothes on and focused on finding some that she would keep.

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